Attention! Important information.

This book will be useful for those who are looking for working methods of creating sources of income (assets). You will receive a proven, detailed described algorithm for building and automating income channel with earning in the amount of $10000- $12000 per year, which will only have to be repeated. The material is 100% copyrighted.

Any serious business activity starts with the investment of money and/or time in the information!

I offer you the valuable information at the price of one T-shirt. Return of investment is 1 order.


Avg. Selling Price


Fiverr is a site where online entrepreneurs from around the world provide $5 services. The price is not high, but the secret is that the main earnings on the service are on the upsales - additional sales. My average check on Fiverr is $40.16 and I do not spend any time to fulfill it.


What Gigs/Services to sell?

You will get known what Gigs (the so-called services for $5) are the most popular and which queries are the most high-frequency on Fiverr. VERY IMPORTANT: you will learn which directions to choose so your income channel can become an autonomous, scalable business that does not require your participation, and not become a freelance for which you work.

This business works

This is not just another cheap material "how to earn $ 4'928 per week without SMS, without registration". The book describes a method that formed from the analysis of the received information and gained experience during 2 years, thanks to which you can "disseminate the grain" so that it sprouts, strengthened and bear "fruits" as long as you grow the next "tree".

Without additional investments

The book outlines a free method for creating an income channel with income of $10000- $12000 per year. Also options with additional small expenses, which stimulate the growth of orders are considered. Only you decide how much to invest in your business.

Ready texts in English

You will receive ready-to-use English texts templates customized over the time for foreigners, with the help of which the order will pass through the funnel from the status of "potential" to the "done" in 2-3 interactions with the client.

7 channels of receiving clients

There is no need to invent a bicycle, in this book you will find a specific list of platforms and what to do with them, in order to get orders from there.

Optimization of account and Gig

The average conversion of my gig is 25%, periodically reaches to 50-60%. I'll tell you which headlines, descriptions, and keywords shall be applied in order to achieve the highest level of conversion. This parameter is one of the key when ranking your Fiverr's gig.

Errors that should be avoided

There are very important moments in building an income channel. If you not pay special attention to them, you will remain at the same stage. I'll describe where the traps are and how to get around them.

Written in simple language

You will not be overloaded with excessive terminology, everything is very simple to understand. I will guide you "by the hand" in all stages of building the channel, I will show examples, give links to tools. You will only have to look and repeat.

Secret component

How to automate this income channel and the scheme for obtaining a continuous stream of leads (potential customers) from the USA. Very simple, but working method.

And much more!


4 reasons to work with Fiverr

Account setup and registration

What Gigs (services) to sell?

Secrets of creating a selling Gig

Form your price

Where to find customers?

How to get the first 10 reviews quickly?

Receiving payments

Templates of letters and texts in English

The secret component

Upsales and cross-promotion. Increase the average cost of an order

Form the ideal customer service according to USA standards

Errors that should be avoided

List of tools and platforms

How to distinguish good customers from unwanted ones

And a lot of other valuable information!


My name is Anton Klymyk. I held the degree of telecommunication engineer but by vocation - I am the entrepreneur. For about 5 years I have been working on my own projects. For the first time I tried to start my own business in my student years, in parallel with studying and worked as an engineer; at that time it was an attempt to find an additional source of income, but over time my hobby turned into the main occupation. I decided that the creation of an own asset is much more important for me than a corporate career and stable salary. How to be an entrepreneur, I studied myself by reading literature, analyzing the experience of other entrepreneurs and my own one .Now I can say with confidence that it is not necessary to have the capital to start on business and overcome the break-even point. The necessary conditions are patience and an irresistible desire to achieve the goal. They easily overlap the fear and greed, which often stop people before making a decision to do what they like.



Is it necessary to know English language?

Knowledge of English is certainly an advantage, but even if you know it at a basic level you still have the opportunity to earn money in the English market using the text and letter templates provided in the book, the Google translator and another key element of the scheme which you will find out in the the book. In any case, a large number of services on Fiverr require minimal knowledge of English. The buyer does not care how you speak English (unless, of course, you provide a service where English is required). The most important thing for the client is how the work is done.

Do I have to pay for something else?

You do not need additional investments. If you have any skills, you will need to invest only in time. But if you do not have any skills, you can use paid tools (they are described in the book), with the help of which you will easily carry out orders. For example: the tool for creating covers for books costs $15 per month, and the tool for creating animated videos is $59 per year. The amount of investment in the covers and video will be returned for 1-2 orders.

I'm an experienced seller on Fiverr, will the book be useful for me?

The book will be useful both for beginners and experienced sellers at Fiverr. The techniques/schemes described in it are formed by time and analysis. I belive that by using some of the techniques described in the book, you can increase the number of your sales.

Is there a high competition on Fiverr?

There is competition as in any other business. On Fiverr it is lower than, for example, on Upwork, and that is why now is the right time to immediately begin to increase the account and get your piece of the action. Following the algorithm described in the book, you will be in a more advantageous position than competitors who do not use this algorithm.

How long does it take to start?

You will need not more than 3-4 hours to create the account, including acquaintance with the resource. After this, the same amount of time will be spent on creating one Gig. In total, you only need 1 busy day to take the first step towards creating your own asset.

I don't have any experience. I doubt that I could handle it.

It is never too late to study. If you have a basic knowledge of working with a computer and the skills of interacting on the Internet, you will be able to figure it out.





The cost of the book will be returned in 1-2 orders

What are the most popular Gigs/services?

Step-by-step instructions: from creating to account to delivering orders and automating the process.

What price to set, where to look for customers, templates of letters and answers.

What are the pitfalls to expect?

List of tools for work.

You will get the download link and password via E-mail right after payment